Why Your Business Needs a Bot

The world's fastest growing companies are using chatbots to generate leads and sales 24/7/365. Boost your lead generation and sales opportunities using messenger marketing, aka chatbots, and start seeing 80+% open rates and 40+% click-through rates. A custom chatbot can utilize the power of AI to nurture conversations with leads and turn them into customers automatically. Let us help you get started building one right now!


Be available to your customers 24/7 and use chatbot conversations to close sales even while you sleep.

Personalized Conversations

Using the latest in keyword recognition and AI, your business can have a chatbot that improves customer engagement by responding with appropriate answers quickly.


Our chatbots are easy to plug and play into any website including Wordpress, Shopify and others.

Behind the Bot

It takes an average of 5-7 touch points for the average person to remember your brand. Hightower BOT Connect helps small to medium-sized businesses plan out their chatbot marketing strategies and create conversations for better conversions. We will seamlessly help your business merge marketing and technology to boost engagement and ROI.



As the CEO and Founder of Hightower BOT Connect, Kristi Hightower, excels at turning conversations into conversions for her clients.Kristi started her career as an AP Stylebook trained Journalist and quickly began expanding her copywriting skills into full-blown successful marketing strategies and campaigns.

Exponential Marketing Blog

Read the latest on the Hightower BOT Connect blog. We merge Marketing and Technology musings and it is here that we discuss the continuance towards singularity. As exponential technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT become more pronounced in our daily lives, consumers will need brands and companies that continue to innovate through new marketing channels.

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Contact the Hightower BOTConnect team to determine the best chatbot for your business and the fastest way to implement a chatbot for your business that generates more leads and sales for your ecommerce or local business.

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