Key factors for success

With so many opportunities online, what should you focus on for success?

Drive Web Traffic

Creating cross-channel strategies that include SEO-friendly content, social media, paid advertising and email marketing so you can deliver value, be available to your customers 24/7 and be able to close sales even while you sleep.

Thought leadership content

Utilizing the latest keyword research, analyzing market trends and building a strong community are all part of the wider strategy to create content that is relevant, valuable and actionable.

Build the tech stack

Supporting your marketing strategies and tactics with the right software, hardware or other technology. Having knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Zapier, Mailchimp, Sprout Social, Salesforce, Microsoft Office and other opportunities allow me to improve my team's way of working.

Behind the Woman

Over 10+ years of digital marketing experience, a journalism background, experience across multiple industries, an engineering-mind and a passion for technology have led Kristi down her eclectic career path. She builds brands to help them find their voice online and has created viral memes receiving millions of views, produced video series that have led to lucrative business deals and built automated email sequences that have generated thousands in revenue with consistency.
Kristi Hightower

Kristi Hightower

Full Stack Digital Marketer

As an experienced marketer, Kristi Hightower, excels at turning conversations into conversions for her clients.Kristi started her career in marketing with a degree in Journalism and over the course of my career has helped dozens of brands find their voice and monetize their audiences online.

Exponential Marketing Blog

Read the latest on the Hightower BOT Connect blog. We merge Marketing and Technology musings and it is here that we discuss the continuance towards singularity. As exponential technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT become more pronounced in our daily lives, consumers will need brands and companies that continue to innovate through new marketing channels.

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